Monday, February 9, 2009


Why go gal? “I think men tend to buy some items that are originally made for women because they can’t find them made for men. A nice Chanel jacket, for example. It’s only since men started buying them that they are being made especially for men. But even then in a very much different fit. And since we started using makeup, why not have a good bag, too? Be it a clutch or shopper.”
Why go gal? “Clothes are getting more and more borderless, like the new YSL unisex collection. Women’s wear always takes ideas from men’s wear, so why can’t men’s get influence from women’s? Anyway, the biggest reason is men’s wear is more boring than women’s wear!!”

I gotta be honest..this The look above really throws me over the edge...okay fine...go gal but go gal hot..your legs are buff and your feet look the worst in those lovely sandals..not women feet in shoes at all...but ole flat fat long men feet..ugh!
Sorry I am in hatter mood today...not much sleep.
Erlinda Denise
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  1. not cool.
    not cool.
    not cool.

    boys be boys, and let the girls live. ease up.