Thursday, February 12, 2009

Body Stand In

So the new year is here and folks are ready to change in that 08' body and get an 09' body

So below is my girls body double...whoever this chick is she is HOTT! and I am not sure if I like her just because of the simple fact that she is just so damn dedicated to working uumm chick what do you do for a living that you can put so much time in to working out and looking like this?!?!

Nelly is for the homie...LMAO he has taken the motivation to another level...he has put his face on Nelly's body..these pics are now posted around his room...CLASSIC..but you know what it may work...Good luck buddy! Go Team Nelly

I thought long and hard about mine and I am sticking to this model I worked with...her bod was perfect! Made her outfits easy to put together and then look how the pics came she is my body double and motivation body or 09'

Here is to 09' and getting tone, thin or thick!
Who is your body double?
Erlinda Denise

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