Tuesday, February 10, 2009


1. I like when a man drives me everywhere: dinner, movies, lunch, shopping, parties, parents house...all that

2. I love a man who takes extra special care of cleaning himself head to toe...with soap, water and wash cloth

3. I enjoy a man who LOVES to laugh and see me laugh..take me to laugh...watches movies that make us laugh....drink drinks to make me laugh Laughter is key

4. I love a man to kiss me on my forehead it's simple and sweet 2 things I adore

5. I love a giving man: gives gifts, gives back and feet rubs, gives me mine everytime

6. I adore a man with a wardrobe that has not only dope shoes but a few suits, some button downs, a sweater/cardigan, color .... and only a handful of white tees

7. I love a man that says " I love you" vs a man who can only say "I love you too" after I say it first...guys it's okay to say I love

8. I LOVE a smart dude an honest dude a real dude a money making dude a hustler a leader a speaker a listener a lover a fighter a king a champ.

Be honest what kind of dude do you like?

Erlinda Denise

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