Monday, April 26, 2010


So after winning my own gift from a blog and watching my other fellow bloggers do give aways I thought I would get in on the good times.

So in this lil brown bag is a SURPRISE for one lucky winner!!!!

To get in on the fun leave a comment on your thoughts/feelings on surprises
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I guess I can give it a week next Monday May something or other I'll announce the lucky winner ....

A gift from Wardrobe Chick so you know it's gotta be some sorta fun in a lil brown bag.

Have Fun! HATE surprises...which I think makes this so damn fun.

Erlinda Denise


  1. Spontaneity is one of life's little presents...

    There is nothing like a mystery to the mondane routines we have to live in everyday life!

  2. I LOVE surprises and always wondered why some people don't like them. Maybe the possibility of it being a bad surprise.

    I love to smile and any gift, big or small makes me smile! =0)