Saturday, June 27, 2009


I am sleepy! And this sounds yumm...

Erlinda Denise

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


These images were sent to me ...I am assuming for me to drool over!
Lori here is taking pics of her amazing goods ...I am working on a midnight break in the homegirls house mission....anyone in? I am in need of a driver!
Erlinda Denise

Dress to impress

If I rocked this dress I am telling you now you couldn't tell me shit!

Erlinda Denise

Do me me baby

Would you do these male models?


Erlinda Denise

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Images of record covers.
Erlinda Denise


Must make ASAP!

Erlinda Denise

Dupster Diving

I went dupster diving with moms today...

Moms took me to work and next door to my job they were cleaning out this office...well my mom and I who are all about good free stuff did a quick U -Turn like it was a Saturday morning yard sale...

I came up on vintage books, tees and a pair of fila shorts ...SWEET!

Erlinda Denise


A pic with my girl I am so there....that and the cup cakes make me super pumped!!

Erlinda Denise

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Reason #1

That some folks really need to think things out....
I hope she knows what she wants to be when she grows this point her options are just a lil limited.
I got my first tattoo at mmmmm 17 I think...a lil Chinese symbol that stands for life...I am pretty sure if I came home with this moms would have beat my ass with one quick movement!
Erlinda Denise


The event I get my $200 boots for $35 it's back....

533 McConnell Ave CA 90066 ... Fri and Sat


Erlinda Denise

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

You can stop saying mine and start saying ours

Soooo I am about to make another huge life step....

Moving in with my boo...(eek)
Living on your own and living with the boo I am learning are def something that you have to prep yourself for...sure your used to sharing the bed a couple nights a week or taking showers together but moving all your shit into one spot and LIVING together..that's is HUGE.

So I do what I do best when I need to calm my nerves....SHOP!

My vision of our first
I am def about as lil furniture as possible and anything clean and white makes me happy
Dark wood and black makes me moist and def nice for uni-sex furniture....I see this with a nice pretty WHITE lamp on it
Love this chair I see myself reading a good book in my room in this chair...while he watches ESPN in the living room...ssshhhh I am reading!
All goods bought at Urban Outfitters

Erlinda Denise

Last Week Of Dresses

It's the last week of dresses..I would love to go out with some sort of bang ..maybe wear a prom dress on Saturday.....mmm that is a thought

So here is my last batch of pretend dress shopping at TopShop:

It cost a lot of money to look this cheap....I would rock this only if I found it at the GW (goodwill)

Something about this dress makes me happy...I think I am just in a real simple mood right now
MY Prom Dress for Saturday~~~
Love this dress ... everyone please send me money so I can have it...thx..and I love ya back

Erlinda Denise


My son on the way to the parade today.

Erlinda Denise


Okay uummm small...but if you click it you will see it's a pool party going down in Palm Springs.

Ugh I am in need of sun!

Erlinda Denise

Friday, June 12, 2009


Erlinda Denise


Photographed by: Therese Aldgard
Styled by: Lisa Edsalv
I love everything sweet...but cupcakes with icing and candy make my knees weak
They took it to a whole other level with this shoot!
Erlinda Denise


I have a love and now hate relationship with H&M ... love because it reminds my of a long ago trip to NY where I found a couple of items that I never wanted to take off...hate because they moved to LA

I came across the magazine and the love started to flow...some amazing stories and images in the Spring/Summer mag.


The chain she is rocking...I need!

He's not to shabby either

Erlinda Denise


Photographer: Baldovino Barani
Stylist: Holly Suan Gray

I had a dream last night I was hanging with a vampire....I also had a dream I was on set of a shoot and didn't bring anything worth shooting....ugh!

I have been told it's because of my semi F'ed up childhood I have such crazy and colorful dreams...or it could be the Internet I look at before bed time...


Erlinda Denise

The hot dogs are good

Erlinda Denise

Thursday, June 11, 2009

New Tat...

Yup it's that time again...Gonna fix one I got that turned out no bueno

Going for a lil something like this...- the butterflies


Erlinda Denise

This looks cool

Erlinda Denise

My wants

My boo calls me a silver digger...says I am not all into really expensive stuff so that is why he won't call me a gold digger.

If he only knew...I'll keep it simple till he wifes me up then I start the BIG begging LOL!!
I want this...kinda into the nerds and love my HK so ...I'll take it..oh yea and I wear glasses..CUTE!

Love everything and all things gold

def love this and the pic of them on the chick shows there are a pretty good size .
Large + Gold = MINE!

Silver...mmmmm but the zipper look LUSH!!!

All goodies found on Fred Flare.
Erlinda Denise

I just knew...

I was Lisa Lisa...I had her tape and my own dance moves down.

You couldn't tell me s#@&

Erlinda Denise

For: Joe


Joseph: hellooooooooooooooo
me: heloooooooo
Joseph: how you not gon respond to my song
me: oohhh lmaoI thought you were just being a fag
I was reading it wrong
my bad

i'm over here really laughing like crazy
me: haha
Joseph: that was from birthday sex
me: right
when you said you were singing
I sang it just like they do

Joseph: i'm addicted to that song but every time i hear it i wanna f%$# the s&*% out of some girl any girl

Joseph: i was listening to the song when i was on the phone with S**** (r**** and
***** friend) and i got horny than a muthaf$#@!

Joseph: i almost bought a ticket to NV lol
me: lol..why

Joseph: so i could take that down and that's between us
don't be talkin to r*** and shit please

me: LMAO! I won't Iam blogging shhhhh

Joseph: sorry damn that's why you don't have time for me anymore
always bloggin blog about these toasted NUTS
me: okay

Joseph: let me know when you are done bloggin about my NUTS

me: will do

Here ya go Joe...this ones for you....

HAHAHAH! * Names and location have been changed so Joe won't get yelled at

Erlinda Denise