Thursday, June 11, 2009


Ugh I missed you all soooooo...I had family in town this past weekend and it's been INTENSE! But life is back to normal and the house is almost glitter free from the festivities...

While the fam was here we had to go 15 deep to Olvera St.... I am half Mexican and all the Aunts and to go shopping for tortilla holders and traditional tops and toys for kids .... I was yelled at a few times how I need to get on my tortilla making skills.

I chose to do a lil shopping myself and picked up a fun game called Loteria:

My Spanish is the worst and I think for a brief second my Grandmother was kinda mad I was named after her...

Okay let the blogging began again!


Erlinda Denise

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  1. I so remember this game! memories.

    You sound like me, I was given my Mexican born Grandmother's name, and my spanish is supreme basic!