Wednesday, June 17, 2009

You can stop saying mine and start saying ours

Soooo I am about to make another huge life step....

Moving in with my boo...(eek)
Living on your own and living with the boo I am learning are def something that you have to prep yourself for...sure your used to sharing the bed a couple nights a week or taking showers together but moving all your shit into one spot and LIVING together..that's is HUGE.

So I do what I do best when I need to calm my nerves....SHOP!

My vision of our first
I am def about as lil furniture as possible and anything clean and white makes me happy
Dark wood and black makes me moist and def nice for uni-sex furniture....I see this with a nice pretty WHITE lamp on it
Love this chair I see myself reading a good book in my room in this chair...while he watches ESPN in the living room...ssshhhh I am reading!
All goods bought at Urban Outfitters

Erlinda Denise

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