Wednesday, November 4, 2009


When I was in High School I took a trip to Forever 21 and found the BEST pair of Velvet leggings...I mean they had my 15 year old booty looking HOTT!

Moms of course was hatting harder then any mother worried about her 15 year old trying to make the booty pop...

So I had to take them back....Now I am grown and back on that mission...

I must own some velvet asap!

uuugghhhhhhh Blue velvet PERFECT for the holidays
Oh the boo would have major problems with me trying to walk out the house with these a tee and some boots on like it's super normal


With a bag to match SHUT UP!

DUST! My Cape and my velvet panties....Hottness

DUST..that's it I am dust in the wind...Gold velvet
I am about cry..these are them in blue....I feel like I just found an old friend on facebook

That's it I can't take it any more.... I wonder if Forever 21 is selling them you 20 bucks if they aren't now they will be soon!
Erlinda Denise

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