Thursday, July 23, 2009

Art for the Home

So most of the boxes have been emptied...and I have cooked dinner almost every night... it's now time to start hanging up our art work...

Now that it's not just my home I have to look at art that is more "BiSexual" you know it's open for men and women to enjoy...

Here are some images I found from artist on Etsy...def looking for original pieces from local artist trying to get their paint on and make some money doing it:

I heart this one...I think it's truly a lovely image and def some place I would love to be with my boo
This one is mmmmm...not a fav but def something that a man wouldn't mind hanging in his house when his boys come over for a fight party... I think it's too grown up fr my house...maybe more of a Dr's office painting
The colors are amazing... I want to jump in and learn to swim

This one is dope...I don't know why or how but it is...I think it would look rad over a red couch
This one is def a fav!! I got expensive taste cuz the artist is asking $220 for it... I think I need to get my brush stroke on for that kind of money...


Erlinda Denise

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