Monday, May 11, 2009

I Sold Out

I am not really into American Apparel..the whole buy tee shirts for $40 from us when I can go to my local thrift store and do it for $5 or buy $50 leggings from us when I can go to Dannys and get them for $10 it just seems so wasteful...

But I was on a bit of a last min mission to get something to wear and Apt 3 was HATTING on my good ole thrift finds when I found myself in AA and I bought the dress above in purple.

I felt like a sucka! But Randi made me feel better when she said it looked like a good thrift store dress that I made look 10 times better.....that's what friends are for!

Erlinda Denise

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  1. Either you love or hate American Apparel. It all depends on how you wear it. For instance, the V-Neck I had on for Caleb's birthday, was American Apparel.