Wednesday, June 2, 2010

PA for The House Of Pretty:


I hope you are having a lovely afternoon.

If you know me fairly well, then you'll know that I LOVEEEE wearing and collecting jewelry, whether it's real or fake. Heck, I just can't help it; i'm a sucker for cute accessories!

Sooo.....after collecting a drawer full of jewelry, I decided that it's time to let some things go, and lessen the load. All of the earrings are $5.50 [plus S+H], and can be viewed and purchased through my website: WWW.THEHOUSEOFPRETTY.COM

"How can I buy them?" - You can pay using PayPal, or your credit/debit card, and I have attached a few things up for grabs to give you a sneak peek.



Erlinda Denise

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