Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Brown Paper Bag Surprise

Well that sure didn't go as planned... with only 2 comments I was a bit hurt no one wanted to win fun stuff.  But the game shall go on!! 

With only two to pick from I think it's only right I send both of you lovely ladies a gift ssoooo with all that being said and everyone being a me your addy and I'll get those off asap!.

I also want to thank you two for your positive insight on surprises!  Last time I was surprised it was a puppy from my boo sooo I guess they are lovely and really no need to fear...

Here are those lovely comments:
M* said...

Spontaneity is one of life's little presents...
There is nothing like a mystery to the mondane routines we have to live in everyday life!
ShandyLand said...

I LOVE surprises and always wondered why some people don't like them. Maybe the possibility of it being a bad surprise.
I love to smile and any gift, big or small makes me smile! =0)

Erlinda Denise


  1. Oh WOW!!!! Thank you so much for being so kind and showing us both love. That means alot. You've made my day young lady! lol =0)

  2. Aww snap! Just found your card from the fight party! I missed the brown paper bag. Anyways going to check out etsy now. Love the blog keep it up!!! ♥