Monday, February 8, 2010

Thoughts and Images

So basically the 9 to 5 has blocked blogger (bastards) and I am so swamped with wedding, netflix, dinner, bath time, loving, mom, and getting sleeping I am not really up for blogging at home.

But I guess change is good and I'll just have to mak this work...

This wedding dress has stolen my heart..... Thinking it's a must have!
This  is def my girls and I ...Went to a vintage sale this weekend with the girls and Shelly was all over the place looking at EVERYTHING but what we were there for...and Kelli was in aaawww over the whole thing ...just a bunch of lil girls we are!

This is my fac MAC ad.
Love this dress!  Wish my girl did a few extra crunches tho
Erlinda Denise

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  1. I was multiTASKING!!! I was looking for THE dress(es) and still admiring the other lovely pieces. Weren't we in there looking for everything, anyways?!?! You know I have a short attention span LOL! <3 ya