Tuesday, January 5, 2010

I am Free!!!

So they didn't need this Nancy Drew on the case and I am free from jury duty...this eve was spent spending time on fav blogs and searching for inspiration for life...

I def could be a unicorn next Halloween...Matter of fact I have a 2 year old birthday party to go to with a halloween theme...mmmmm option #1!!

This just has lush wants allllll over it!

One of my last shoots....looking to get creative again and on the grind for the new year

I don't see anything but the dress..LOVE

lol...it just hit me the holidays are over....

UGH ..Loving the sexy nerdy look!

And of course the 2011 wedding planning is going strong...could so see my hubby to be in these...with the pink socks sort of a MUST...

Erlinda Denise

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