Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Ghetto Love

Over the weekend went out to celebrate a birthday with friends and who should appear in my non wearing glasses vision...Game... uummmmm can I say yummm!

 I know I know I know... he had a butterfly tat on his face that he covered with an LA but damn it the fact he even has tattoos on his face does something to me.

My name is Erlinda Denise and I gotta lil thing for ghettoness

Erlinda Denise

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  1. L.M.A.O.

    Raises hand. I, am a ghetto lover too. A few years ago, I watched a Crips documentary on HBO and fell in love with Cle Sloan, the whole time he is talking about his past crimes and I'm all repeating to myself "well he is reformed now." Then to make it worse, at the end they showed members that were killed, and I had to keep going back to make sure one of the dudes was really dead because if he wasn't I wanted to save him.

    (Quietly walks away....Thinking I should have kept my habd down for this one).