Monday, October 26, 2009

Halloween is Near

In past years when it was just us girls thinking of cool stuff to be came with ease.

We picked a theme ... this one year Super Heroes...and we went balls out with it ( sorry for the rest of my chicks missing from this image..I couldn't find one with us all)

side boo and I before he was my boo... if you didn't know you do..I am with creepy cuz

The year after that we went as Fafinettes...ugh SO much fun!
This year I am thinking do I go solo...
Or booed up Vanity and Prince

Booed up...Grease
Where are my girls when Dynasty is an option

Booed up...Jay and Bey ....
And of course Ken and Barbie ... we would def be the black Ken and Barbie though
And then the thought of staying in and watching movies sounds just as fun..I could def think of dress up options for home (wink wink)
Erlinda Denise

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