Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Pet Peeve

I don't know why but it bugs when people talk about how broke they are yet they go shopping...

I know why...Cuz I do the same damn thing...I am trying to stash my dollas for vegas and outlet shopping ...I mean I am going as far as not feeding my kid or my gas tank (jk..the kids eats)

But all this magazine talk I had to get my hands on some September nice and thick mags...

Here is what I bought:

Had to get the September issue .. I wanted to be well versed on what was in the issue before catching the movie
I feel bad not buying my fav Elle... she sees me walk by and not pick her up I am sure she gets sad as well
Side note -- not loving Jen's face....bboooooo..

Bbooo at me not getting the cover with Agyness on it...
But still the same lushness on the inside...
Now I am off to lock my self in some comfy room and get to reading, gasping, loving, lusting, needing, jizzing.....inspired.

Erlinda Denise

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