Friday, April 30, 2010

Everyday...I Hustle

So this week has been a hustle...everyday.  I few ups and downs and all about learning.

Here is a bit of an insight into my life and what I do when I am not blogging...

The work station... I am glad we don't eat at a table ... we would be sol...
yyyaaayyyy biz cards!  Bought them on Def loving them and all the color.
Here is the back
Some of the goodies on etsy:

Button Earrings...cute
Collage Earrings .... all images cut by hand from some of our fav fashion and art mags!
{etsy images taken by Lori of His Hers Chicago }

Good times all around!

Erlinda Denise

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Art: Dilka

Find more of her work here.

Erinda Denise

Inspired Bride

So today the Maid of Honer dress was purchased.  I was a bit nervous about my colors but after putting the inspiration bored above together I am feeling oh so happy!

This brings me to more important information!  This is a wardrobe blog and it's a must I talk about where I found the dresses...

Who wants to take a guess????

E-T-S-Y ..of course

Bridesmaid: Early Mornings.Vintage Super Sweet!  She even kept her eye open for a second option!

Maid of Honer: Oh My Vintage This got super personally when she sent me her personal blog.... uummm can we be friends Kimmy??? Check out her lust here.

Enjoy these chicks fashion finds and of course shop!

Erlinda Denise

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Monday, April 26, 2010

Words to live by...

Such a soft word in such pretty text

For my folks going for it...NOW

A slogan I live by ... one day at a time
Erlinda Denise

{source} and {source}


So after winning my own gift from a blog and watching my other fellow bloggers do give aways I thought I would get in on the good times.

So in this lil brown bag is a SURPRISE for one lucky winner!!!!

To get in on the fun leave a comment on your thoughts/feelings on surprises
Follow this blog

I guess I can give it a week next Monday May something or other I'll announce the lucky winner ....

A gift from Wardrobe Chick so you know it's gotta be some sorta fun in a lil brown bag.

Have Fun! HATE surprises...which I think makes this so damn fun.

Erlinda Denise

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Girls Only

Remember this is a POTLUCK, so bring a dish - from chips to casserole!

Women's Work is an opportunity for an eclectic mix of artists & art-appreciators combined with creative, business and politically-minded opinion leaders to come together in a congenial, spirited atmosphere at one of LA's finest art galleries.

***Donations accepted at the door but space is limited, reserve a spot NOW***

$10 minimum donation while VIP tickets start at a minimum donation of $25.

Tickets are limited and can be purchased online or day-of.

Please visit:

Erlinda Denise

Thursday, April 22, 2010

It's all about the hair

My new girl crush ... Leobody ... check out her step by step process here to get her look...well of course only if your hair texture is like her's.... my mixed girl natural  looks NOTHING like this...

Still not gonna stop me from buying a bar of shikakai/amla shampoo.

Erlinda Denise

Stop telling those stories!

Erlinda Denise

Girl Talk

So Tuesday I did a lil talk to a room full of 17/18 year old chicks... I am adding motivational speaker to the resume!

Any who we talked on sisterhood and friendships.  I couldn't help but think on my young chick days.

aaaawwww missing reading my  Nancy Drew and Sweet Valley High books.

Erlinda Denise

Shoe Shopping!!!!!

The LF Sale is back in L.A.   ... UGH!!! shoe shopping is something I ADORE....

I did something special this time around for the ladies that can't get in on the fun   I bought EXTRA!!!!

Here are mine

These were a must...
I was thinking of selling thiese but just can't seem to let them go
aaawwwww my oxfords are back
And here are yours.... ENJOY!

Penny loves Kenny size 6 ...  Sale Price $60.00 (og price 125.00)
Jeffrey Campbell size 8 ... Sale Price $80.00 (og price $220.00)
Report Signature size 9 .... Sale Price $100 ( og price $235.00 )
BAD ASS!!  ok back to biz  - Jeffrey Campbell size 7.5 ... Sale Price $70.00 ( og price $178.00 )
These are just jizz worthy!!!!  Jeffrey Campbell size 6.5 ... Sale Price $80.00 ( og price $175.00)
UUGGHHH!!! they go up around the ankle...DUST!!!!!
if you want in on the goods email me and lets shop!!!

Erlinda Denise

Monday, April 19, 2010

Work it out...

I am kind of in need of these Runtones by Reebok!! 

Ugh with Summer so near and a half naked  honeymoon next year.... I am kinda thinking they may be worth it.

Erlinda Denise


Not sure if it's the clothes or how dope the images look but I had fun.... check out the rest of the line here.

Erlinda Denise