Thursday, October 29, 2009

My love

For sweaters/cardigans/comfy throw it on's is major...

Here are a few of my favs:

This one makes me toes tingle


I kinda think this one is for boys...which makes me love even more
RUFFLES on a sweater... DUST

Lace on a sweater..DUSTY!!!

This one I would slap my mom for...sorry mom!..But I would

I want a hot cup of coffee, some short shorts and this sweater

Erlinda Denise


I didn't see this till today...and I almost fell out my chair


Pure do whatever it is that I wanted to do today

I am in love, motivated, happy, jizzing, lost for words...

Erlinda Denise

Is it to late

to order this cute lil number???

Erlinda Denise

Art and a cup of coffee...

Erlinda Denise

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

PP of the month

I haven't done one of these in a while...

Mr. B Cooper caught my eye as he usually does thought I would sure my lustful thoughts and give him the PP of the month award.

Erlinda Denise

That was it..

Last night I got a last min invite to go check out :
I can't say I am a HUGE fan of Michael ... when I was lil of course I wanted to be in his family...but over the years I grew away... after his passing and the memorial service ( which I cried my eyes out watching) something changed..

After this flick even more changed for me .... I am a lil more in love with Michael again.

One of the few wardrobe options we were able to see.
Looking all over for the pic of him in his leather Balmain jacket and Popeye tee shirt..classic!
Erlinda Denise

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The days

Erlinda Denise

Fade Into You

Blanco F/W ad campaign

Erlinda Denise


Flair Oct 2009

Sexy Couture

Fur shoulders...GET ON IT!
Ruffles in the back of those shoes....DUST

Click this one to check out the detail...loving the black on black

Erlinda Denise

Hard Tail

Friday, October 30, 2009

9:00am - 3:00pm

the New Mart

127 e. 9th St. suite 604


Ladies, you know what it is! men, come shop for your mama, your sister, your wife, your baby mama, for that special "lady friend"

what I've got: YOGA CLOTHING. scarves. dresses. skirts. hoodies. jackets. leggings leggings leggings. sweats. tees. bootie shorts. REALLY, I'VE GOT IT ALL. plus, i'm feeling good and i'm willing to wheel and deal. i will HOOK YOU UP!

LOL...this sounds like a place I need to try to ladies it's the last Friday...that means a few sample sales will be going on.

Erlinda Denise

Warriors ...Come out and playyyyyaayyyyy

I am a Netflix whore...and I don't care

Last nights movie:
It was fun! I promise
Def a must see.
Erlinda Denise

Monday, October 26, 2009

Halloween is Near

In past years when it was just us girls thinking of cool stuff to be came with ease.

We picked a theme ... this one year Super Heroes...and we went balls out with it ( sorry for the rest of my chicks missing from this image..I couldn't find one with us all)

side boo and I before he was my boo... if you didn't know you do..I am with creepy cuz

The year after that we went as Fafinettes...ugh SO much fun!
This year I am thinking do I go solo...
Or booed up Vanity and Prince

Booed up...Grease
Where are my girls when Dynasty is an option

Booed up...Jay and Bey ....
And of course Ken and Barbie ... we would def be the black Ken and Barbie though
And then the thought of staying in and watching movies sounds just as fun..I could def think of dress up options for home (wink wink)
Erlinda Denise

F%$& your couch....

All the material in the hip area ...and it being a jumpsuit... DUST
uugghhh love models fully dressed in the ocean or mass of water...only hard part photogs who don't work for VOGUE think you too can put a $1000 pair of shoes in the ocean as well
DUST... I swear I would never take it would be gray but I would know under all the dirt it was pink.
Marie claire Italy in “Superwoman e il Senso Dell’
Stylist: Ivana Spernicelli

Erlinda Denise

All Natural

Photographer: WilliamLords
If only.... After plenty of trips to the swapmeet and beauty salons..I think I am gonna get a hot ass wig!
I want to rock messy curls!
Erlinda Denise

I am a sucka

for art

Anything pretty, crazy, girly, dope, drama, pink, green or blue

If it's hand made by some artsy individual I am wanting it.

Meet Leesa

Now meet her work...

When I grow up I want to have a house (not room) full of original pieces.
Erlinda Denise

Good Morning Sunshine Face


I always love when stylist find a creative way to throw a bag/purse into a story...I mean clearly this model is not in need of her ID or VISA in this photo yet the stylist still felt the purse was needed...and I agree. Purses are def apart of the outfit.
DUST!! These boost are making me CRAZY!...the whole Ugg flipped inside out look....a must.
Layers upon layers upon layers
Photog: Mario Sorrenti

Erlinda Denise