Friday, January 30, 2009

test, shoot, test, shoot

Last 2 days were pretty long...but lovely.
I did a "test" shoot with a cool photog and here is a look at a lil something we did

I adore this jumper and SUPER happy it's apart of my collection. It was a perfect location to use it as well...MALIBOO!

While out there we seen a crazy car chase with a chick and a u-haul truck...goodtimes

Thursday I worked with a lovely bridal company Adele Wechsler . We shot that in Temescal Canyon Park I love it over there and really needed to be outdoors these last 2 days sucking up a tun of sun.


Erlinda Denise

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


A shoot from W

Photographed Craig McDean
Styled by Alex White

Silk Tulle Dress: Dior pretty!
Ports 1961 wool lace coat by Tia Cibani
FAV!: Silk Dress Roberto Cavalli

Erlinda Denise

What is a PP

So what I'll do is explain this and then from there we can move on.

The term PP was told to me by Ms. Randi Astrid it means of course Pink Penis. It is be far one of the best terms in the world!

There are a few PP's that could get it...of course if I didn't have a boo...

1. Clive Owen

RIGHT! That body, that face, that voice yyuuummmmm!!

Also do check him out in Children of Men..a damn good movie


Erlinda Denise

I am doing my arm workouts

I am sure by now most of you have seen this pic...but I had to post it.

Jess let's workout together! Just last night I spent a good 30 min doing arms alone but I am not in the scene.

The thick belts the high waist the tank... Who the hell is behind this?!?! I can't blame JS her job is to sing but who was on wardrobe this day?

Erlinda Denise

What cha looking at

1. love this baby

2. I think it's nothing more funnier then when a baby makes a Bitch Please face..hahahah

She looks like she is looking at the person talking to her mom and she is thinking Bitch Please!

Erlinda Denise

Monday, January 26, 2009

I am just saying...

Okay so we know the crew and it's pretty clear how they do.

BUT Do you think you have to dress this LOUD to get the "fame"?

It's a bit much and hard on the eyes I can just see em now all walking down the street together... LAWD.

Can Kanye just hang with me I am cool too!

Erlinda Denise

I <3 Anna Sui

Anna Sui by far is one of my favs!

I thinks it's her love for color and patterns.

My heart jumps when I see something from her and I swear if I see her in the streets I might rush her!

What designer would you give your left lung to?

Erlinda Denise

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Allow me to reintroduce myself...

My name is Erlinda Denise...I am an LA girl...kind of.

Born in OH brought up in LA, grew up a couple months ago.

A year ago with 2 other good friends we started a company called Bella Beat....and now I am on my own, an independent wardrobe chick aka stylist :)

I blog beacuse I LOVE to. I love talking, I love sharing, I love love!

What I talk about: fashion, love, music, and pretty boys ( my boo being one of them), tattoos, junk food, funny shit WHATEVE!

Here we go friends:
Wardrobe Chick!
Erlinda Denise